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What's New at Frederick Community College

FCC is offering an incredible variety of interesting and affordable classes this fall. With everything from digital photography and website development to holiday cooking and gardening for the spring, there's always something happening at FCC!

Check out our fall schedule and register today.

Create Custom Digital Photos

Create powerful images customizing photographs in a digital darkroom using HDR (high dynamic range), light painting, long exposure and more.

ACR143 Power of the Image
#5666 • 6 hours • Tuition: $50, Fees: $39, Total: $89
Tues, 11/5–11/19 • 6-8pm • FCC/E100

You...Now Online!

Showcase your work, writing, photos and more by creating and launching a website reflecting your unique personality.

ENG214 Your Personal Website
#5658 • 4 hours • Tuition: $30, Fees: $29, Total: $59
Wed, 11/6-11/13 • 6-8pm • FCC/E107

Plan Now, Plant Later

Discover important tips, tools and more to successfully prepare for an ideal spring garden. For beginning and advanced gardeners.

GAR115 Gardening in Our Time & Place
#5685 • 5 hours • Fees: $55
Sat, 12/7 • 9am-2pm• FCC/E125

Creative Holiday Cooking

Bake up tasty holiday breads for family and friends while creating a memorable holiday meal for all your special guests.

HOM563 Holiday Quick Breads
#5691 • 5 hours • Fees: $79
Sat, 12/14 • 9am–2:30pm • Monroe/128

HOM549 Soups, Stocks, and Sauces
#5688 • 6 hours • Fees: $89
T&Th, 11/12–11/14 • 5:30–8:30pm • Middletown Middle/Cooking Lab

What's New at Frederick Community College
Create Custom Digital Photos
You...Now Online!
Plan Now, Plant Later
Creative Holiday Cooking

Check out upcoming classes to explore new interests, discover new skills and have fun this fall at FCC.

You Can Sew!
Spanish Conversation
Estate Planning 101
Digital Darkroom
Getting Devices to Share

Download our Fall 2013 Class Schedule to register today.


Judy DeLuca, Program Manager
Frederick Community College
7932 Opossumtown Pike
Frederick, MD 21702
Phone: 301.624.2820

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