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Frederick Community College Continuing Education
Frederick Writer’s Institute
Fall 2013 Open House

Frederick Community College Campus
Celebrate the art of writing while previewing upcoming Writer's Institute courses, engaging in conversation with writers and authors and enjoying light refreshments at our Annual Writer's Institute Open House, Wednesday, August 21, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m., at Frederick Community College.

Special guest authors and Frederick Writer’s Institute instructors, Merry Bond, Arlene Karidis and Jeannie Adams, will be on hand to discuss new courses and meet with participants during the evening. Welcoming writers from beginning to advanced, this special event is free of charge so be sure to bring a friend.  If you are planning to attend, we are asking guests to please RSVP by August 19 to Judy DeLuca, FCC Personal Enrichment Program Coordinator, at, or (301) 624-2820.

For details including class dates, times and locations, please see Frederick Writer's Institute Class Schedule.

Fall Courses at the Frederick Writer's Institute

ENG215 Start Write
Have you always wanted to write a novel? The process requires managing your work space and your time while organizing your thoughts using basic story structure. Learn how to effectively get started and then discuss story ideas and plots during the final class. This is the first class in a series of writing classes.

4 digit #5650 • Fees: $49
4.5 hrs., Th 9/5–9/19 • 7:30–9 pm
Instructor: Bond • FCC/E126C

ENG216 Grammar for All
Writers Novelists, bloggers, journalists, marketers and speechwriters all need to use correct grammar to be powerful. Discover the most common grammatical errors and techniques for correcting them.
4 digit #5649 • Tuition: $30, Fees: $39, Total: $69
6 hrs., TTh 9/10–9/17 • 6–8pm
Instructor: Sloan • FCC/H203

ENG360 Plotting for “Pantzers” and for Writing Success
If you have a story idea and want to write a novel or plot a book, than this course is for you! A “pantser/pantzer” is a writer who “flies by the seat of their pants” and then gets blocked without knowing where they are going. Explore a variety of plotting methods and formats and then plot out a book utilizing the format of your choice.
4 digit #5656 • Tuition: $50, Fees: $49, Total: $99
10 hrs., W 9/11–10/9 • 6:30–8:30pm
Instructor: Adams • FCC/E126C

ENG185 Chapter One: Getting Started
Writing Your Novel

To help writers get started, this class covers character development, character’s goals and conflicts, plotting and setting. Recommended for beginner/intermediate students.
4 digit #5651 • Tuition: $30, Fees: $49, Total: $79
7.5 hrs., Sat 9/21–10/19 • 10:30am–12pm
Instructor: Bond • FCC/C205

ENG212 Writer’s Critiquing Workshop
With style, grammar and content being paramount to the success of your work, this critique group is invaluable. The instructor and others provide a level of overview and feedback to prepare your manuscripts for harsh editor scrutiny. Learn which important details to include and leave out of your manuscript. Participants review, comment and edit each other’s first chapters (up to 25 pages.) Recommended for intermediate to advanced writers.
4 digit #5653 • Tuition: $30, Fees: $49, Total: $79
7.5 , Th 9/26–10/2 • 7:30–9pm
Instructor: Bond • FCC/E126B

ENG213 Get it Published
Your written work is completed and you finally wrote the words “The End!” Explore your options to sell or self-publish your writing. Join traditionally and self-published author, Meredith Bond, to discover how to e-publish, start creating a proposal and learn about traditional publishing while taking an in-depth look at the ever-changing publishing industry.
4 digit #5654 • Tuition: $30, Fees: $49, Total: $79
7.5 hrs., Sat 10/5–11/2 • 12:30–2pm
Instructor: Bond • FCC/E108

ENG194 The Craft of Writing
Improve your writing skills by learning more about the craft of writing. Explore point of view, dialogue, show and tell and editing in order to write the best novel possible. Recommended for beginner/intermediate writers.
4 digit #5652 • Tuition: $30, Fees: $49, Total: $79
7.5 hrs., Sat 10/26–11/23 • 10:30am–12pm
Instructor: Bond • FCC/E108

ENG204 Write Your Memoir
Do you have a desire to write about your life? This process of revealing ordinary or extraordinary truths can be a gift and therapeutic. With guidance, develop characters people care about in your own style and tone while learning to create dialogues and anecdotes to bring memories to life. 4 digit: #5655 • Tuition: $30, Fees: $49, Total: $79
6 hrs., T 10/8–10/22 • 5:30–7:30pm
Instructor: Karidis • FCC/H202

ENG191 Writing Travel Articles
Combine your traveling and writing interests while grabbing a reader’s attention. Feature sounds, aromas, tastes, temperatures and textures with art, music, culture and food. Class discussion includes the above, photo tips, marketing, submitting your work and so much more.
4 digit #5657 • Tuition: $20, Fees: $39, Total: $59
6 hrs., W 10/9–10/23 • 6–8pm
Instructor: Farrell • FCC/E126B

Frederick Community College Continuing Education
Frederick Writer’s Institute
Fall 2013 Open House
Fall Courses at the Frederick Writer's Institute
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Frederick Writer's Institute Class Schedule
Fall 2013 CE Class Schedule

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