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Host online video, forms, surveys, RSVPs+

Google Analytics compatible

Link from email to landing page for full story

Use integrated gallery & wizard or your own HTML

Web & Landing Page Publishing Tools

Landing pages, jump pages, webpages are where the conversion takes place. While the email itself is important, having the appropriate landing pages to finalize the transaction and tell your story are critical to the success of your permission marketing campaigns.

Did you know that high performance emails include at least 3 links? Or that readers don’t like to read more than 2 paragraphs of text?

For those of us without a dedicated webmaster or IT Department at our beck and call, the marketer is often at a loss for how to generate the pages they need for success affordably and quickly.

This is where Mail Dog really starts to shine! With the landing page publisher, there are landing page templates, plus a landing page tracking tool to track clickthroughs and campaign performance on these pages. It’s quick and easy!

Tell the full story, provide more details about a special offer, display a video or a survey, an RSVP event registration form, more photos, a white paper…you get the picture and ALL these features are available in your account. Clients can even publish entire websites using the tool and take advantage of templates to customize their homepage and supporting pages.

Find your web-independence! Host additional content online (full story, photo galleries, RSVP forms, etc) without a webmaster or IT department.

Auto-Generated Web Version URL (Link Tag)

Tool automatically hosts and generates the unique URL of your message that you can use as a landing page or web page.

Archive Tool

Archive messages like newsletters and post them to your website.

Template Gallery

Use the Gallery to check out the templates that you can use to craft your Landing Pages. Templates are organized by the number of features that they offer (1 to 10). Both your custom templates and standard account templates are available in the Gallery.

Webpage/Landing Page Templates

You have access to templates designed with layouts ideal for web pages and landing pages (you know you can create web pages and landing pages too, right?!)

Document Upload (File Library)

Allows you to upload Word, Excel or PDF files to your account on our servers so that you can link to them in your messages or landing pages.

Rich Media Integration

Adds flash movies, video, audio and music to your email message and landing pages. The “rich media” is not embedded or attached to your message (a BIG no no!), rather its linked to our rich media server.

Forms/Surveys Integration

You can create forms and surveys to include in your messages or to place on landing or web pages.

Google Analytics/Click Density Compatible

All of the web pages and landing pages that you create are fully compatible with Google Analytics and Click Density.

Landing Page Tracker

Allows you to track the click-throughs on landing pages published in your account.

Mail Dog is one of the all time best at customer support services...unbelievably efficient and fast.–Sara S.

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