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Affordable month-to-month plans for any size business. No set-up charges, minimums or hidden fees. Unlimited free support from experienced online marketing pros.

High volume and non-profit pricing available upon request.

  • proplus


    Fully-Loaded Email Marketing Account

    $29Per MonthSign Up

    • Free Activation and Setup
    • Unlimited Support
    • 1,000 FREE Transmissions a Month
    • (Add’l Emails $.01/Trans)
    • All Prime Tools
  • proplus


    Fully-Loaded Email Marketing with Advanced Online Web Marketing Tools

    $59Per MonthSign Up

    • Free Activation and Setup
    • Unlimited Support
    • 1,500 FREE Transmissions a Month
    • (Add’l Emails $.01/Trans)
    • All Pro Tools
  • proplus


    Fully Loaded Email Marketing Account, PLUS Web Hosting, RSS Feeds, Form & Survey and Online Video Marketing

    $99Per MonthSign Up

    • Free Activation and Setup
    • Online Marking Consulation
    • 2,500 FREE Transmissions a Month
    • 1000 Video Streams
    • (Add’l Email $.01/Trans)
    • All ProPlus Tools
  • Plan Features Prime Pro ProPlus
  • Support Options
  • Unlimited Support (email, chat, phone)

    Unlimited Support (email, chat, phone)


  • Online Training Webinars
  • Online Marketing Consulation at Kick-Off

    Online Marketing Consulation at Kick-Off


  • Campaign Scheduling Tools
  • Campaign Scheduling Manager

    Campaign Scheduling Manager

    Campaign management tools give you the power to create new email campaigns customizing the all-important email header (from name, email and subject), choosing to include personalization tags, sending internal tests, selecting any date or time in the future to send, even sending an optional Campaign Booster to preview in over 33+ inboxes across the web and see how it will fare with spam filters.

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Auto-Pilot Responders

    Auto-Pilot Responders

    Auto-Pilot Responder campaigns are a series of messages automatically sent to a designated list based on a subscriber-triggered activity or an origin date that you specify. Use for prospect follow-up, new opt-in relationship building, client initiation, specialized enrollment tracks, event trigger messaging, birthday e-cards, and more. Setup is a snap. Running them is completely hands-off!

  • Subscriber List Tools
  • List Management Center

    List Management Center

    The List Management Center is flexible enough to accommodate your company’s list requirements; whether you manage your lists in your own database and need to be able to import and export with ease or whether you need a centralized place to manage your subscribers. The List Management Center has the tools to upload and export lists, merge and filter lists, manage bounces, track unsubscribes, and more…

  • Unlimited Lists

    Unlimited Lists

    You have the ability to upload as many permission-based lists or segments of lists as needed in your account. Our pricing model allows you to store lists as needed and only charges for those valid emails you send to. Whether you upload a list of 1,000 or 10 lists of 100, Mail Dog will store your data.

  • Optional “Rich” Subscriber Feature
  • Opt-In Form Wizard
  • Bounce Management Center

    Bounce Management Center

    Bounces are realities in permission email marketing and having the data you need to make educated decisions about your lists are key. The bounce management tools provide everything you’ll need to handle the successful and sometimes unsuccessful initial delivery of your emails (ie hard or soft bounces, bad email suppression, and unsubscribe management).

  • Super List Subscriber Center

    Super List Subscriber Center

    For clients with no in-house database management system, the Super List with custom profile database featuring 25 custom fields is a life-saver. The Super List serves as the centralized location for all subscriber data and features advanced query capability, tracking of subscriber performance, as well as list segmentation for mailings.

  • Super Bounce Log

    Super Bounce Log

    The Super Bounce Log tracks bounces (bad, hard and soft) across multiple campaigns and allows you to view, export and purge them from your lists. It’s a great way to keep your list clean and maintain a handle on your most active subscribers.

  • Unsubscribe/ Preferences Manager

    Unsubscribe/ Preferences Manager

    An unsubscribe link as added to the footer of every email campaign giving subscribers the choice to opt out if desired and we handle all the management for the account. Even when uploading emails into your account, we’re automatically checking against your master list of unsubscribes and automatically suppressing any flagged email addresses. Plus the Subscription Preferences feature gives subscribers the ability to unsubscribe from one specific list, but remain on others.

  • Message Center Tools
  • Template Gallery

    Template Gallery

    Choose from over 240 public gallery templates, including themed templates for holidays or seasons. Our templates not only look fab, their functionality is truly advanced. They are infinitely tweakable and can feature any number of images, links and text components. Templates feature anchor tags, referral links, image ALT tags, hyperlinkable images, custom color backgrounds and color schemes and will accommodate ‘personalized’ fields.

  • HTML Design Wizard

    HTML Design Wizard

    The HTML Design Wizard gives total flexibility you need to easily create great looking email messages. While you have the ability to insert your own hand-coded HTML, you can also choose from over 240 public gallery templates. With a simple copy and paste and uploading of images, the Wizard will create all the HTML code you need. You can even personalize your messages, insert send-to-a-friend links, social media share tools, Facebook Like buttons and more.

  • New! Inbox Preview and Rendering Tool

    New! Inbox Preview and Rendering Tool

    Increase the quality and effectiveness of your next email marketing campaign by previewing your email before you send in all the top email software programs, online inboxes and mobile devices. See what your message looks like with images on and off (the most common default). Improve your clickthrough and conversion rates with the critical data you need while crafting your message. All accounts come with the New! Inbox Preview and Rendering Tool.

  • Text and Mobile Versions

    Text and Mobile Versions

    In addition to creating the great-looking HTML version of your message, you’ll need to consider the folks who can’t view HTML and create a text/mobile message with them in mind. The MIME encoding ensures that recipients with text-only email readers will see the text version of your message when your HTML version can not be read.

  • Text Personalization

    Text Personalization

    You can personalize an email message or header fields (from name, from email, subject line) to provide relevant information for your targets. Any text data that is stored in your rich list can be personalized into your message (ie names, addresses, contact information, date of origin, tracking codes and more).

  • Image Personalization
  • Unlimited Image Hosting

    Unlimited Image Hosting

    Images are critical to the success of your campaigns. Mail Dog offers unlimited image hosting on all accounts to make it easy to have your favorite images at your fingertips. You can even store frequently used images inside your account for easy management.

  • Unlimited Document Hosting

    Unlimited Document Hosting

    Need help hosting documents online? The File Library can be used to upload and store multiple types of files inside your Mail Dog account. No longer worry about ‘attaching’ files or running down your IT department, you can link to a Word, PDF or Excel file.

  • Stock Image Library

    Stock Image Library

    Images can make or break or message. In fact, even the driest and most banal communications can benefit from a little eye candy to reinforce and titillate your subscribers. Don’t have images for your message? Check out the Image Depot for a wide selection of stock images for your perusal.

  • Social Media Share Tools

    Social Media Share Tools

    Leverage your customers loyalty and enable them to share your message with their social network by adding social media share tools into your messages. Add referral tags like Stumble Upon, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and of course Send to a Friend to your email marketing campaigns and landing page messages.

  • Facebook Like Buttons

    Facebook Like Buttons

    Tap into a whole new world by allowing your target audience to share your story on Facebook. Simply insert the Facebook Like Button into your email message and help spread your marketing message to viewers beyond your current target audience. After sending a campaign your readers can click on the button to ‘like’ your message. They will be taken to a Facebook page where they can post the message to their network along with a personal message.

  • Real-Time Reports
  • Recipient-Level Reporting

    Recipient-Level Reporting

    Real-time reporting data is collected from every campaign sent and available for viewing within the account or exporting for further documentation. The reports will reveal which emails were delivered, bounced, opened, and clicked, but more importantly who opened, who clicked, what links they clicked on, when they clicked. Plus see if your message was referred to a friend, who unsubscribed and what kind of social reach it achieved.

  • Export Full Report Activity

    Export Full Report Activity

    Export your real-time reporting data from every campaign sent for further documentation. The reports are exported into excel and will detail all campaign specific reporting, as well as, cross-campaign details when using the Super Report tool.

  • Webpage Publishing
  • Landing Page Publisher

    Landing Page Publisher

    A landing page is a webpage that your recipients can visit when clicking a link from within an email. Here a recipient would find the full story, more details about a special offer, a survey, a request form, a checkout cart, more photos, etc. For clients that don’t have the access or control of updating their website, this tool allows the landing page to reside in their Mail Dog platform.

  • Landing Page Tracker

    Landing Page Tracker

    If you’re using your messages as landing pages for email marketing campaigns or other landing pages from your own site, you might like to keep track of the conversion on the page. With the landing page tracker enabled, you’ll be able to track clickthroughs on these pages to help measure traffic and conversion.

  • RSS & Surveys
  • RSS Publisher

    RSS Publisher

    RSS is a technology that is being used by millions of web users around the world to keep track of their favorite websites and as a great way to archive your past email newsletters. The RSS Feed Publisher allows you to create RSS feeds, (and with one click) launch new campaigns, manage existing campaigns and report on statistics.

  • New! Form and Survey Publisher

    New! Form and Survey Publisher

    This add-on tool is perfect for Mail Dog clients looking to generate RSVP forms, customer satisfaction surveys, feedback forms, even integrated payment options to sell merchandise and more. Tool features drag & drop builder, pre-loaded templates, payment integration, plus, back-end reporting. Included in ProPlus account, a la carte for $9/mo.

  • Online Video Tools
  • Online Video Content Management

    Online Video Content Management

    The online video manager gives you everything you need to post, track and manage the video content in your video players. Your video will be presented as an HD quality, true streaming video, featuring any number of videos. You get powerful pre-roll, inline and post-roll functionality for delivering promotional messaging and call-to-actions, you can incorporate an image gallery or spec/manual downloader. Your viewers can fast-forward, rewind, loop sections and so much more. Plus, our back-end control panel makes it all quick and easy.

  • Online Video Upload and Record Tool

    Online Video Upload and Record Tool

    The integrated video tool allows you to upload videos and automatically optimizes them for the web. You can even record videos directly into your account using a standard web cam. The backend controls gives you everything you’d need to keep your player fresh and updated and chock-full of all the latest marketing messaging medium on the planet!

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Ancillary Services

  • Managed Services

    Pinched for time? Let us assemble and launch your campaigns. We can handle it soup to nuts!

    $50Per HourAdd Service
  • Spot – Video Slideshows

    Easy way to turn your photos, video clips, & music into video segments to share online.

    $129Per VideoAdd Service
  • Custom Templates

    Want something special? No problem, we can usually make it happen in two to four hours.

    $75Per HourAdd Service

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